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Epicurean Market 2017, Part 2

For the final part of the Epicurean Market cover, I will be going through the Farmer's Market as well as other activities that I attended during the three day event.

Every year, by the entrance of the event, the Farmer's Market is the first thing everyone walks into during their visit. With over 35 different vendors this year, the selection of vegetables, meat, cheese, seafood, lots of alcohol and many more are available for sale at an affordable price.

Take this huge booth for example; Indoguna is a well known supplier of meats in the F&B industry. But this booth isn't your typical butcher at Cold Storage or Fairprice Finest. They've got an array of meats from Kurobuta, Wagyu beef, cured ham, and more. You'll get to sample the cold cuts before you decide to buy anything of course. I had purchased from them, a stick of Milano Salami for SGD $15, along with a whole cut of Kurobuta Pork Tomahawk for SGD $28

Kurobuta Pork Tomahawk (SGD$28)
Milano Salami (S…

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